Abstract Painting



We look forward to a summer of creativity and fun!

Each child will need to have a waiver signed before camp begins.

Please fill out all of the information below and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

NOTE: All sessions are full. If you need to cancel, you will get a 50% refund minus a $50 admin fee.

Authorization and Acknowledgment:

By signing this waiver and consent, I, the legal parent/guardian grant permission for my child(re)n to participate in any and all indoor and outdoor activities during camp at Jenner McGinn Studio (JMS). I recognize and acknowledge that these activities may have inherent risks for my child(ren). 


Because I acknowledge the risks of allowing my child(ren) to participate, I agree to release and hold harmless JMS and its founder from any and all injury claims of any nature, including Covid-19 illness, which may result from my child(ren)'s participation at camp. 

Photography Release:

I authorize JMS to publish the photographs taken of my child(ren) listed above for use on the JMS website, social media and for future promotion of the camp program. I

acknowledge that participation in publications and websites produced by JMS is voluntary and there will not be any financial compensation. 

Please select:

I have read this form carefully and have had all questions answered before signing this document.
I acknowledge that this is a legal document and I will be bound by my agreement to its terms. 

Thanks...see you soon for camp!

Camp at Jenner McGinn Studio

Camp at Jenner McGinn Studio

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