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Have a few questions before moving forward? Check out the FAQs below or feel free to email Alyssia Leggett, founder of Jenner McGinn Studio.

What is Jenner McGinn Studio?

JMS is a web-based gallery located in Atlanta, GA representing contemporary artists from across the country.

Who is Alyssia Leggett?

After an18 year career in the marketing industry, Alyssia decided to go back to her artistic roots and create a business supporting contemporary artists and connecting them with collectors through a web-based art gallery. Jenner McGinn Studio is the intersection of Alyssia's passion for creating, marketing, and sharing her love of the arts. Alyssia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and went on to earn a Master of Education from Harvard University. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters. Connect on LinkedIn

How many employees does Jenner McGinn Studio have?

Just one! Alyssia Leggett is the founder and only employee, but would love to grow JMS as the business grows.

How will this partnership benefit my business?

You gain the benefit of offering unique original art without the time required to source and curate pieces. You will have art options selected specifically for your projects, access to talented artists eager for commission work, cross-promotion for your business and products, and a new partnership as you grow your business. In addition, if you choose to do a Designer Curation, you will receive a portion of sales from the art that sells.

With endless options in today's world, buyers can be overwhelmed, especially with this type of luxury purchase. Similar to how you curate selections for clients to choose from for design materials, flooring, furniture, fixtures, fabrics, etc - I do the same thing for you with art. Need something in a specific size or color? No problem, I've done the work to build relationships with artists and know what is required to get pieces into the commission process, including the shipping details to get the work where it needs to be. 

Is there a cost to me?

Designers get special pricing for pieces of art that are ready to ship/deliver based on purchase total over time. 

Art from the gallery will be presented in a proposal at no cost. If you are interested in consulting services for art that extends beyond the artists represented by JMS, there will be an hourly fee. Please inquire for more detail. 

How many pieces of art are available?

JMS typically features between 5 -15 pieces of art from each artist; many of those exclusive. There are currently about 200 pieces of art ready to find their new home. Plus, there is the ability to dig deeper into artist collections to find the right pieces for specific projects.

How are artists selected?

JMS carefully reviews each artist submission and makes decisions based on style of art, price point, and uniqueness to current collection. JMS is interested in emerging artists making their debut, and established artists looking to grow exposure. Currently, all artists are based in the United States. 

Where does the name Jenner McGinn Studio come from?

Jenner was one of Alyssia's grandfather's names, and McGinn was one of her grandmother's names. They were both very inspirational people in her life, and her two daughters each got one of the names as their middle name. So the company name is a nod to family and the support that gave Alyssia the courage to start her own business.

Ready to Set Up Your Designer Account?

For questions, email Alyssia Leggett, Founder of Jenner McGinn Studio

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