Family Time

Art Box + Museum Membership

Encourage families to get creative together with Art Boxes! Choose one (or more) and pair it with an annual membership to a local museum as a way to stay inspired.  

Art Boxes: $35 each  /  High Museum Family Membership: $125

Cyanotype Art Box 1
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Fun in the Kitchen

Make cooking fun again! Sarah Bristow, health coach from Growing Grounded, offers gift cards to help families adopt healthy and holistic practices related to diet and nutrition, physical activity, and emotional well-being. Grab a set of these hand-dyed dish towels to go along with the gift card to help clean up after preparing a healthy meal together.

Towels: $25  /  Growing Grounded: prices vary per package

Growing Grounded

The Well Traveled Family

While travel may be on hold for now, give the gift of a beautiful landscape painting as a reminder of a favorite destination. Pair it with a book about family travel (or a subscription to a travel magazine) to start dreaming about the next adventure!

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Discover New Artists

Add some art to make a house feel more like a home...explore original contemporary art from 16 different artists. A gift card is the perfect way to give the gift of original art.