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Check out some of the favorite projects we have done...each one exploring various mediums and processes.

You can make them at home - just click on the links below to purchase supplies.


Check back soon for more projects and tutorials!



These resin popsicles are a favorite project of all time!
Click the images below to purchase supplies and create your own at home. Or if you'd like some to be made custom for you, email

This project requires resin, resin dye, popsicle molds, popsicle sticks...and patience!
Optional supplies include glitter, sprinkles and mats / frames to complete the project.

Follow the resin instructions. If you want to do 2 layers of color like we did, you will need to do the project over 2 days so the first layer can fully cure. Once cured, carefully remove and enjoy your creation. To frame them, add a bit of hot glue to cardstock and attach popsicles, then use the shadow box frame ant the mat to give it a finished look!

NOTE: sprinkles will settle to the bottom of each layer, almost creating a 3rd layer, and look best with very light (or no) resin dye. Glitter should be mixed well so it doesn't settle to the bottom.

Purchase supplies for Resin Popsicles:
Art Resin  |  Popsicle Molds  |  Resin Dye  |  Sprinkles & Glitter (optional, but extra fun!)  |  Mats & Frames

popsicle mold.jpg
Resin Dye.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 12.46.07 PM.png


Printmaking is one of my favorite art forms - and silk screen printing is really fun!
Click the images below to purchase supplies and create your own at home.

We started by drawing fish in pencil on a piece of paper, then traced it with India ink that was put into a dauber. I took a photo of each drawing and then uploaded it into my Circuit to cut out the drawn lines. Once the vinyl template was created, I placed each one onto a silk screen, taping off the rest of the screen so no ink would go through. Finally, place the screen on your bag (or any material) and use a squeegee to firmly pull the ink down the screen. Remove the screen and see your print! Keep repeating the print process as many times as you like to get your desired design. Be sure to wash your screen carefully so the ink doesn't ruin it. You can remove the vinyl template and reuse the screen again and again! 

Purchase supplies Silk Screen Bags:
Bags or Pencil Cases  |  Cricut & Vinyl  |  Silk Screens  |  Screen Printing Ink  |  Dauber  |  India Ink  |  Squeegee



Cyanotype Art Box 1
Cyanotype Art Box 3
Cyanotype Art Box 2

Using nature (or any of your favorite shapes) to create beautiful original art!
Click the images below to purchase supplies and create your own at home.

Note that if you don't want to prep your own paper, there are pre-made papers (shown below) that eliminates one of the preparation steps.

While Art Boxes are no longer available for purchase, the supply list below will help you get everything you need! And you'll likely have somethings around your house that you can use, too (just be sure to discard after use if they came into contact with the chemicals).

Make sure you also have:

  • A flat work surface that you can carry outside (a large tile, tray or pan work well)

  • A collection of leaves or other flat objects (ferns or stems with lots of small detailed leaves are best)

  • Tape to secure the glass to your work surface

  • A plastic spoon to mix Cyanotype liquid

  • A tray filled with cool water to rinse your paper

Click the "Watch Tutorial" button above to follow along and create your own creative pieces. 

Purchase supplies for Cyanotypes:
Cyanotype Liquids  |  Disposable Container to Mix Liquids   |  Heavy Watercolor Paper  |  Foam Brush  |  Picture Frame

If you don't want to prep your own Cyanotype paper, you can purchase ready made paper, which is typically thinner:


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