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Get inspired by these gallery walls! Some are ideas showing available art from JMS, and others are photos of client walls where we used a mix of their own art and pieces purchased from the gallery. This is such a great way to really bring some character to a room. I suggest finding one common element so there is a cohesive look - maybe all black and white, or a specific color, or perhaps the frames are all similar.

But, truly, the most important thing is that YOU love it!

Triptych Lauren Bolshakov

Triptych Gallery Wall:
Mixing with Consistency

A framed triptych is a beautiful way to group three pieces of art together to fill up a wall. In this case, the 14x11 paper pieces are framed with a large mat and a wood frame to give the overall pieces more weight and interest. I love an extra wide mat and how it showcases the art...and when you put a grouping together over a sofa, a bed, or a console table, you have created a real focal point.

These paintings are on Artboard by Lauren Bolshakov and are ready to be framed for your room! Choose from the available pieces below and let's start framing!


Client Gallery Wall:
A Pop of Yellow in Atlanta, GA

This room just off the kitchen needed a little attention, so the yellow chairs became the inspiration point for the wall of art. My client had an impressive collection, so we sorted, stacked, played and laid everything out before we started to hang - the goal was to make sure that every piece had a hint of yellow, which was our unifying color. A mix of work created by her children over the years, pieces purchased from local artists, photographs of familiar places and items bought to support the school auction...this wall turned out beautifully! It is a collection that has personality and tells a story - exactly what we set out to do. 

Atlanta Nursery_edited.jpg

Client Gallery Wall:
A Sweet Nursery

This gallery wall was a fun way to welcome a new baby girl! The collection of art was a mix of personal pieces, a few handmade items, prints and special photographs. They all tied together using these natural wood frames (from Target) to create a unifying look. We added a sweet bunny in the mix to change up the shape and add some texture to the wall. And it all worked with the heart mobile and the neutral furniture. The wall has room to grow, and as this sweet girl grows up, her art can replace some of the prints. Showing kids that their creations are beautiful and frame worthy is such a great way to boost confidence and show them some extra love. Have fun creating your child's room by mixing and matching new pieces, old pieces and handmade pieces!

Zoom Wall - Mass

Client Gallery Wall:
A New Zoom Background

After working from home and being on lots of video calls, my client in Massachusetts wanted to have a more exciting Zoom background. We worked to find pieces she liked, including commissioning a piece from a new artist, and then I did a virtual placement so she could see how all of the pieces would look together. We added a print with a quote and I helped get a few pieces framed before shipping them all up for installation. After sharing some directions on hanging, I'd say this new background is camera READY!


Black + White 
Gallery Wall:
A Classic Way to Mix Art

I love black and white  - it'll never go out of style (especially when a bright light like this one poses in front of it). Mixing and matching pieces that are black and white create such a simple, yet sophisticated, collection. Try mixing mediums and different textures - some framed pieces, some canvas, add textiles, and even play with various shapes and sizes. Again, have FUN! Many of these pieces (and more!) can be found under the Black & White category. VIEW COLLECTION


Make it a FUN Gallery Wall:
Bright & Happy

Oh, Covid, you made us find so many new ways to create happiness in our homes. So, we dyed the tips of our hair and pulled together a collection of art that would make us smile. This bright and playful collection of art from JMS artists did just that - and it became one of the most widely used images for my business to show that art should be FUN. Don't take it too seriously...let it reflect your style, your mood, your energy. And guess what, you can move it when/if that changes. A little nail hole shouldn't scare you away from changing up your space. Find your art style here: VIEW COLLECTION


A Gallery Wall of Favorites:
Mackenzie's Picks

This was the first gallery wall I did with ALL art from JMS artists, thanks to the idea from my daughter, Mackenzie. Not only do I love the collection she put together, but I love seeing her sweet face from many years ago! Time flies, so buy art you love!  VIEW COLLECTION

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