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Get inspired by these gallery walls! Some are ideas showing available art from JMS, and others are photos of client walls where we used a mix of their own art and pieces purchased from the gallery. This is such a great way to really bring some character to a room. I suggest finding one common element so there is a cohesive look - maybe all black and white, or a specific color, or perhaps the frames are all similar.

But, truly, the most important thing is that YOU love it!

Triptych Lauren Bolshakov

Triptych Gallery Wall:
Mixing with Consistency

A framed triptych is a beautiful way to group three pieces of art together to fill up a wall. In this case, the 14x11 paper pieces are framed with a large mat and a wood frame to give the overall pieces more weight and interest. I love an extra wide mat and how it showcases the art...and when you put a grouping together over a sofa, a bed, or a console table, you have created a real focal point.

These paintings are on Artboard by Lauren Bolshakov and are ready to be framed for your room! Choose from the available pieces below and let's start framing!