Shop the Shelf!

What is your shelf style? No matter what, you'll always have a gorgeous design when you add in some original art and follow a few key tips! Layer in some books, collected treasures, plants or fresh flowers, and handmade items by you or your children. Remember to vary the size, shape and texture to keep things interesting. Need some help getting started? Shop some shelf ideas below!

Bold & Modern

Choose art that is abstract, strong and has a punch of color. Then add in some books that match the style - the shelf features Journeys of a Lifetime. Always add in some collected items - like these rocks found on beach in Michigan, and this snow globe from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Personal photos always add some interest - like this one of my girls in front of my favorite painting at the High Museum in Atlanta. Vary the shapes and sizes of what you put together. Lastly, plants are always a great idea to soften the shelf and a little dimension. 


Calming & Neutral

For this type of shelf, start with art that has neutral colors with a relaxed feel. Neutral doesn't just mean can be any color that is a bit more subtle. Add in some soft toned books to stack your art, like "In the Company of Women" which was a perfect gift from a friend when I started my business in November of 2018. Vary your heights of items you are using, consider adding a stand for a smaller piece of art to change up the space. Grab some fresh greenery and a few collected items and you are on your way. A dish is always a great way to add some shape variety - I love this one that my sister brought to me from her travels in India.