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As the owner of Jenner McGinn Studio, I am excited to share my web-based art gallery business with you. If you made it to this page, my guess is that you are an interior designer or part of the design trade...welcome, I am thrilled you are here!


Creating relationships with designers has been an important part of my growth since starting Jenner McGinn Studio in 2018. Currently representing 18 (and counting!) contemporary artists from across the country, I support designers by curating original art that adds the perfect finishing touch to beautifully designed spaces. In addition, I have creative ways we can partner that extend beyond art sales in order to provide inspiration to current and future clients. 


I look forward to connecting with you on ways we can partner through art...see some of my ideas below for consideration. 


Alyssia Leggett, Founder


Are you interested in the details of these partnership opportunities?
Set up your Designer Account and get the code for access to all of the information.


Discounts are based on the total amount of art purchased over time.


See art virtually in your designed spaces and share with clients to help visualize.


Share your vision and I'll present original art ideas to fit the design aesthetic.

Cursive Main

Have a custom piece created without the time required to manage the process.


Curate + promote a collection of JMS art and earn 10% of sales on your selected pieces.


For the times you need assistance placing clients' existing art in a project.

Ready to Set Up Your Designer Account?

For questions, email Alyssia Leggett, Founder of Jenner McGinn Studio

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