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Ceramic Tray - 3 Colors

Ceramic Tray - 3 Colors

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price


This Everyday Tray has a simple, modern design.

It is perfect to organize your bathroom counter, hold your favorite jewelry, or store small trinkets anywhere!

Three Colors: Desert, Sunset & Ocean

Approximate Dimensions: 0.5" Height, 7" Length, 3" Width


    Each piece is handmade, so color and size will vary.

    Contents: Porcelain claybody, glazes


    Kara Pendl

    A ceramicist in Austin, Texas, Kara creates one-of-a-kind, functional, ceramic art pieces for everyday living. Each line is created with intention is handmade in Austin using a multi-step process ensuring no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze.

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