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Marbled Ornaments

Marbled Ornaments


Each ornament is unique in it's color combination, hand-dipped into a specially curated marbling bath. 


With a diameter of 3.5” and a height is 4.5", they are perfectly proportioned to adorn your holiday tree or any festive display, bringing a touch of refined artistry to your decor.


These hand-marbled ornaments serve as beautiful keepsakes, whether gifting to someone special or enhancing your own holiday collection. Celebrate the season with a fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry, captured in each uniquely designed ornament.


    Vesile Yilmaz // Brookfield, Wisconsin

    Vesile is a traditional Ebru artist. Having lived and practiced in Turkey and Australia, she currently resides in the US where she is passionate about sharing her cultural heritage with art lovers, artists, and designers.  

    Steeped in ancient tradition, Vesile takes pride in performing this unique form of art using authentic ingredients and centuries-old techniques.  From preparing her paint from scratch using natural pigments derived from earth minerals, to crafting rose-wood brushes using horse-hair, she lovingly honors the deeply rooted traditions.  Her marbling designs are intuitively created and skillfully transferred to paper, fabric, ceramic, leather, and wood.

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