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Select art from the Jenner McGinn Studio (JMS) online gallery to curate a collection that matches your design aesthetic and includes pieces you would use in your own projects, allowing people to get a look you love!

Designer Curations are four weeks long and include promotions that drive to your page. You earn commissions from pieces sold in your collection, which are paid at the end of the curation timeline. Upon completion, your page will be kept up under "Designer Picks" along with other designer selections, but the commission would no longer apply. See below for example.

You get a dedicated page that includes:

Photo + Description of
Your Business

Links to Your Website and/or Instagram

Your Selected Pieces of Art (goal of 10-15)

Earn 10% on all sales from pieces in your colletion


Want to see an example of Kate Marker Interior's Designer Curation?


STEP 1: Select Art

Select 10 - 15 pieces of art from Jenner McGinn Studio in the online gallery to include in your collection. Each piece will be exclusive to your collection for the Curation duration.

STEP 2: Dedicated Page Created on JMS

Once art is selected, I will create a dedicated page to feature the pieces you chose, along with a photo you provide that represents you/your business, your bio and links to your business (website and/or Instagram).

STEP 3: Promote the Partnership

To spread the word, we will both drive traffic to the dedicated page through social media, newsletters and other available promotional materials during the curation period. A minimum of 4 posts (one per week) is required to meet the commission requirements. This partnership will help grow awareness, drive traffic, and promote products/services for both brands...a win-win for your business and JMS! (Giveaways and special pricing opportunities available)

STEP 4: Get Paid

At the end of the 4 week period, you will receive a10% of sales from the collection you curated. 


You will receive a $100 credit toward one piece of art as a part of the Curation. I will deliver or ship it to you at no cost so you can show art in a space you designed during the promotion.


You will also get a discount on every piece of art you purchase for yourself or for clients in the future! See Trade Discount for details. 

Ready to Set Up Your Designer Account?

For questions, email Alyssia Leggett, Founder of Jenner McGinn Studio

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